d e s t r o y i n g  things is much easier than m a k i n g them.


Get to know me meme — [4/5] favorite tv shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. 

Why is it that wet hair is darker, if water is colorless?







why hasn’t the scientific side of tumblr responded to this yet guys we are waiting here

When your hair soaks up water, the overall density of your hair increases. This increase in density causes your hair fibers to be arranged more tightly, which allows less light to shine through your hair fibers.

thank you

shine bright like less dense hair fibers

    Me during the entire months of summer: sleep, eat, television, video games, don't see sunlight for 3 days
    Everyone else in one day of summer: went to the moon, fell in love, traveled to france, met obama, kissed lance bass, starred in a porn, got a tattoo, rode a giraffe


They should put prizes in tampon boxes, be like yeah your period sucks but here’s 50% off of some icecream.




What if Charlie Weasley is asexual? Like what if when his brothers were going through puberty and getting crushes on girls and just obsessing over them, Charlie was just like, “Guys. DRAGONS.”

J.K. Rowling confirms it here.






why are bras called bras

battle ready armor


you must be fun at parties

i would be if i got invited

The Darkest Minds, Never Fade, In The Afterlight by Alexandra Bracken

based on the book covers 

The f i r s t and the l a s t

pretty outfits + Margaery Tyrell

"Finally he’s (the Doctor) put in the position again where instead of giving your life for Time Lords and Daleks and great big mythological concepts that are very much offstage…it’s for Rose. It’s for that 19 year old shop girl from Planet Earth who is braver than brave and more loyal than anyone else in the universe. She is dying and he’s giving his life for her. Never mind wars. Never mind epic mythology. Never mind all that grand stand stuff. It’s absolutely personal and he’s at his most human. Right at the end he does a very human thing and gives his life."

— Russel T. Davies on the Ninth Doctor - Doctor Who Confidential Series 1 Episode 13 (via thedoctordanceswithrose) —


Anonymous asked: Big shows or smaller gigs?